Our interpreters/translators are fully bilingual in both English and Spanish. They possess exceptional memory, listening and concentration skills, and they are able to clearly and accurately convey the meaning and tone of the original statement. We have a wide network of professional interpreters/translators with expertise in a variety of fields, all available to work with you to address your needs.
Our Process:
Each project follows these five steps to guarantee high quality interpreting, translation, and superior customer service:
Document Analysis & Quote: We review the document for word count and technical nature. A quote is typically ready that same day.
Translation: Your document is assigned to a translator based on technicality of language and subject area.
Your translation is carefully reviewed and edited for accuracy.
Formatting & Delivery: Your document is delivered in its original format (Word, PDF, HTML, etc.).
Client Review: Only when you are satisfied with the outcome is the project considered finished.